Copywriter + creative business consultant who can articulate big, conceptual ideas along with the small, essential details that bring them to life. Ambitious, curious and independent. Always learning. Always improving.  

Born and raised in North Carolina, I've also spent time in 47 other states and 21 foreign countries. Despite traces of a Southern accent, I bring a global mentality to my life and work.

Solid experience across all media with a strong emphasis on integrated digital work. I write with range in both style and tone, and always go for impact. Even when signing receipts. 

I believe in smart, well-defined strategies and great user experiences. They make breakthrough, memorable ideas possible. Collaboration across disciplines is my kind of party.   

The best marketing relationships start with emotional connections. That's what I help create. I work with agencies, brands and startups to craft compelling stories that gain momentum, achieve business goals and grow market share. I dig tough challenges and I like to have fun. Preferably, at the same time. 

I'm always interested in new opportunities to do great work. If you have one, let's talk. Drinks are on me. 

Want more? Here you go.

A short list of things I like: lists, good advice, infinity, brevity, discovery, overtime, mountains, sunglasses, backspace, white space, spacing out, final jeopardy, road trips, going all in, brutal honesty, dogs, 50/50 t-shirts, aggregators, instigators, incubators, the secret sauce, ACC basketball, wide fairways, lightning, late nights, women in leather, the desert, vitamins, minimalism, soccer, record stores, bookstores, encores, a steady tailwind, coffee ice cream, plush bathrooms, late checkouts, feedback loops, particle physics, silence, the future, anticipation, meditation, iteration, underdogs, quality bourbon, fearless clients, the unexpected, a good pen, holding serve, finishing and an open barstool.

If you need additional info or would like to see more work (I've got a lot), give me a shout at or 336-682-0157. Do it!