Mankind has conquered mountains, crossed oceans and trampled all over the moon. We've harnessed the power of the atom, peered into the cosmos and perfected the taste of puffed cheese balls. Despite such great accomplishments, there are some challenges we have struggled to overcome. The problem of tired, achy feet is one such issue that has plagued mankind for centuries. Finally, after years of tireless research, Dr. Scholl's developed a groundbreaking solution. 


We were tasked with introducing this revolutionary new technology to the public. To generate interest and educate consumers about the Custom-Fit Kiosks and Inserts, we needed to overcome consumer skepticism about the price through a full-scale digital initiative.


We created as a high-end showcase for Dr. Schollʼs new custom fit technology. The look and feel is markedly different than any of the brand's other offerings. We wanted to focus on the advanced technology behind both the kiosk and the insert in order to convey the premium nature (and price point) of the product. The experience centers around a series of 'Minds Behind the Machine' videos, featuring the scientists who helped develop the technology. 

The site received an IMA award for Outstanding Achievement, as well as recognition from Fast Company Magazine and the CGT as one of the year's most innovative product launches.