While at Tribal DDB, we were tasked with redesigning to better serve the overall brand and help reposition the site as a single portal with full advantage of e-commerce functionality. Additionally, we were asked to explore broader tactics that integrated social media, campaign creative and advanced analytics to ensure the digital strategy was delivering business results. 


Our approach centered around building a product focused design system, enhanced navigation structure and a functional user experience to ensure that browsing was simple, fun, and rewarding. To do this, we identified three distinct types of visitors and focused our efforts around connecting these users to the right content, features and products in a single site. This allowed us to build an experience that delivered on all fronts. 

Key tactics

  • Merchandising the products 
  • Elevating visibility of key content
  • Generating purchase intent
  • Creating a participatory user experience 
  • Addressing individual user needs


Significant increase in sales, conversations across networks, engagement rates, offer redemption and participation in promotions.